Dynamic Wallpaper on Mac

Enjoying dynamic wallpapers introduced in MacOS Mojave? Do you want to get more dynamic wallpapers? Want to build your own dyn

Allow PDF Content to be Copyable

Have you ever downloaded a pdf and then tried highlighting a paragraph of its content to copy but then found out it wouldnR

Convert Video Between File Types

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to edit a video (maybe it was for a high school project or content for your

Convert Image Between File Types

Have you ever wanted to convert a jpg into a png? Heck, have you ever wanted to convert 100 jpgs into 100 pngs? And instantly?

Learn to be a Salesforce Developer

Do you want to build custom features or apps on Salesforce? If so, a great resource a helpful resource is Salesforce Trailhead

MySQL Database Management Tool on Mac

MySQL database setup has two major steps. First, install MySQL using homebrew. Second, install a database management tool (aka

Read Salesforce Data

Salesforce.com is a customer-relationship management cloud computing company. If you happen to be their customer, you will lik

Add Screenshot into a PDF

Preview is an app for viewing documents in Mac. It has an option to show thumbnails on the left hand side and allows you to dr

NTFS Write in Mac

Have you noticed that when you plug a hard drive formatted for Windows into a Mac, the drive is read-only? Well, the drive is

Hyphens in Domain Names

Should you get domain name with a hyphen in it? It depends. What do want your website to do? If it’s a business and you