How To Complete University/College in 3 Years

Before I start, first I want to ask you, “Why do you want to complete university in 3 years?” Maybe you want to sh

Complete Your General Education Requirements Fast

If you’re reading this, I presume you want to complete your college education requirements fast. Why? Perhaps you want t

Leadership Job Shadow Program

Yesterday, I shadowed UC Davis College of Engineering Dean Jennifer Curtis from 10AM to 1PM to witness what a job in general a

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Enjoying dynamic wallpapers introduced in MacOS Mojave? Do you want to get more dynamic wallpapers? Want to build your own dyn

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Have you ever wanted to convert a jpg into a png? Heck, have you ever wanted to convert 100 jpgs into 100 pngs? And instantly?

Learn to be a Salesforce Developer

Do you want to build custom features or apps on Salesforce? If so, a great resource a helpful resource is Salesforce Trailhead

MySQL Database Management Tool on Mac

MySQL database setup has two major steps. First, install MySQL using homebrew. Second, install a database management tool (aka

Read Salesforce Data is a customer-relationship management cloud computing company. If you happen to be their customer, you will lik