Convert Video Between File Types

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to edit a video (maybe it was for a high school project or content for your YouTube channel) and your video editor just would not accept your particular video format? Annoying right? And then you had to use another video editor, which you were unfamiliar with, or you had to upload your videos to some shady 3rd party site just to convert them. Frustrating right?

Well, annoy not and frustrate not. FFmpeg is here to save the day! Save the day as in save you time and effort.

So, what is FFmpeg?

In short, FFmpeg is a collection of libraries and programs used for video and audio manipulation. And in your case, you want to use it to convert, let’s say, mov files into mp4 files. Here’s how you would do it, typing in terminal

ffmpeg -i myvideo.mp4

The command translated into common language roughly means, “ffmpeg, take as input and output myvideo.mp4”.

There are actually may things you could do with FFmpeg. You could strip the audio track from a video, speed up or slow down a video, among others. If you want to read more about FFmpeg, you can visit

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