Add Screenshot into a PDF

Preview is an app for viewing documents in Mac. It has an option to show thumbnails on the left hand side and allows you to drag individual pages into and out of the pdf. Word is a text editing program by Microsoft. Using these Preview and Word, it’s possible to add screenshots to pdfs.

Before you get started, open up your main pdf in Preview and show thumbnails.

Add Screenshot as a page

That’s easy. You take a screenshot, convert it into a pdf, and drag the pdf into your main pdf.

Add Screenshot into a specific page

This is a more complicated, but it’s doable.

  1. drag the specific page out of main pdf and convert it to an editable .docx word file
  2. take a screenshot and add it to the .docx file
  3. convert the .docx into a single page pdf and drag this pdf into your main pdf.


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